Lexo, Direct From The Beach To The Airport.


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flag as inappropriate Metala    Jan. 1, 2015
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Great, absofuckinglutely! :)
Thank you!!

flag as inappropriate mrfuncouple    Feb. 25, 2014

You are so unbelievably sexy. Would love to fly with you anywhere!

flag as inappropriate bodypainter7    Feb. 8, 2014

mm i'll rub your puss during the flight

flag as inappropriate pap    Dec. 18, 2013
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loved your airline contri! I'm afraid to fly, but I'd go on more flights if there was a chance there would be a sexy beauty like you on display at the airport! Best wishes and Merry Christmas!
More videos please.


flag as inappropriate obelix23    Sept. 19, 2013

gis23 Libero.it

flag as inappropriate ringman    June 12, 2013
VCity Userpic

More lexo, more lexo, more lexo!

flag as inappropriate duane eddie    April 3, 2013

wish I was the guy on the airport security gate. I bet all the buzzers went off........... send me more cattinis2@hotmail.co.uk please.

flag as inappropriatecochisesalo@yahoo.co.uk    Feb. 2, 2013

You're the most hot woman here <3


flag as inappropriateVoyInda    Jan. 4, 2013

Hi Lexo,
you are such a gorgeous good looking and sexy woman. Please send me more - ajg_3(a)hotmail.com.


flag as inappropriatebhp7779    Nov. 26, 2012

Nice Session from you!! Show us more of that special was to fly.
Please answer Tod my email adress. Bhp7779@Yahoo.de

flag as inappropriateCJe    Nov. 7, 2012

Unbelievable....You are sooo HOT, sexy Lexo....Possible to meet in real one day?? Naughty kisses, Chris

flag as inappropriate Hot boy    Nov. 1, 2012
VCity Userpic

Very nice pussy. Kissss

flag as inappropriateAlpThelion    Oct. 13, 2012

Lexo my sweet virtual love, it's a great pleasure to see U again here! I always adore yr unknown face and sweet shaved piercing pussy!
aslanalpslan@yahoo.com; Alpi

flag as inappropriateshavedpussylvr    Aug. 27, 2012

She makes me so fucking hard, please contact me so I can send here my hardon pics.

flag as inappropriate darnebocse    Aug. 27, 2012

Such a sexy daring woman ..I love the way you show the world round ..what will be your next tryp ;-)

sexy kises


flag as inappropriategipsymike    Aug. 22, 2012

I've looked at all your contributions, they are simply fantastic!
When do you plan a litlle trip in Geneva? I would like to see your pictures walking naked around

flag as inappropriateRichard    Aug. 22, 2012

Fantastic is all I will say.

flag as inappropriateAlp Aslan    Aug. 21, 2012

Lexo my sweet love, you are always distinguished with yr beauty and high sexuality!
aslanalpaslan@yahoo.com; Alpi

flag as inappropriate    Aug. 21, 2012


flag as inappropriaterevers@uk2.net    Aug. 16, 2012

Wow Lexo…….Just came across your amazing pics. So hot! If you have any more please fill my inbox! xxxxx


flag as inappropriateego    Aug. 14, 2012

wow wow wow so sexy at the airplan


flag as inappropriateego    Aug. 14, 2012

wow wow wow so sexy at the airplan


flag as inappropriatenovaguy    July 31, 2012

Ahhh, Lexo, still the reigning queen of naked in public pix! Great to see you on VC. Would love to see pics where someone is staring at your exposed pussy lips. Love printing your pics, then spurting hot sticky cum all over them. Excellent! Still have some special pics you emailed to me in the past, classic! burgy123@msn.com

flag as inappropriateEverlastOC@gmail.com    July 30, 2012

Wow! What wouldn't *I* give to have that third seat in your row! Thanks so much for sharing!!

flag as inappropriate    July 29, 2012

i love ur pictures i would love to seat next to you and enjoy to see your pussy and maybe play with it so i could come really hard

flag as inappropriateBruno    July 27, 2012

Lexo is simply unforgetable... the best of "showing in public". SUPERB, as always...

flag as inappropriatehardrive57    July 25, 2012

Hi I love you contrbution as always you are awesonme, the best. hardrive57@yahoo.com

flag as inappropriatemarciamarc    July 25, 2012

love the show! vid of 'the mile high club??:>O~ marcusparks210@yahoo.com

flag as inappropriate susan    July 25, 2012
VCity Userpic

You are a girl after mown heart!!!!!! my hubby loves me displayed and i adore being that sexy slut wife that other boys might catch some views and go jack off in private...hehehe

flag as inappropriateSoCal Jackass    July 24, 2012

WOW!!! If you get another Cuntlip ring, I'd like to be there to help ease the Pain. I'll use an Ice Cube, on the Tip of My Tongue!!!

flag as inappropriateleoniasty2@02.pl    July 23, 2012

u r great,i start visiting airports to see u one day,

flag as inappropriateDarneb    July 20, 2012

My Dear Lexo

I adore your pics and I must thank you for helping to promote my country ...

I wish one day we come across

On the other hand I will love to write a tale based on you

Spanky sexy kises


flag as inappropriatesnowmelter    July 19, 2012

Lexo, your pics always make me cum, thank you. snowmelter222@hotmail.com

flag as inappropriateHardnow    July 18, 2012

Totally speechless here - Just a rockin chick with a super body!! Someone is very lucky to have fun with her!

flag as inappropriateDedeelaphew    July 18, 2012

Ah yes, the awesome woman Lexo with the Bejewled body shaved Pussy, hairy legs and stubble Pits. A unique personGreekini@aol.com

flag as inappropriateBrazilian    July 17, 2012

Wowww...LEXO, YOU'RE SIMPLY PERFECT. I love your pics and piercings!!!

Kisses from Brazil

flag as inappropriatejono    July 16, 2012

lexo you are one hot lady awesome body great ass nice smooth pussy and perfect tits love the jewellery.haroldosborne95yahoo.com

flag as inappropriateWilliam    July 15, 2012

Always one of the best!!!!!!

flag as inappropriatejames    July 12, 2012

you always have the hottest photos. love to see more. mach691@yahoo.com

flag as inappropriateulliformorenylons    July 10, 2012

Stunningly AWESOME, Lexo!!!! Can it be better???
I've been your fan from the beginning. And with each contri of yours I know why.
Thanks!! Xxx


flag as inappropriatePatri & Ricky    July 10, 2012

Nice pics in Spanish airport, probably Canary Islands.
If you are interested in traveling to Spain again, please contact us. Spanish couple.

flag as inappropriateTi Amo Italian Supermodel    July 10, 2012

Lexo if I saw your legs open in front of me in the airport fuck it I'd pull it out till I came on the floor and they tazed me and drug me away

flag as inappropriateForgive our stupid airlines they like fear porn not real worldcl    July 10, 2012

Lexo Southwest Airlines was obliviously didn't know you have the most beautiful tits, cunt, legs and ass in the world

flag as inappropriatemartin    July 9, 2012

Oh wow, I'm speechless. What a stunning sexy and confident looking woman. I'd love to of been walking past for that photo shoot. I had an amazing voyeuristic experience which led me to this site, and I wanted to ask you a question about your post - if you don't mind. I also wondered if there is any chance you'd listen to a request? If you could help with either I'd love it if you could drop me a line. If not I look forward to your next photos. thanks. M

flag as inappropriatej    July 9, 2012

Lexo, I would be honored to spend the entire flight on my knees between your legs sucking and licking on your gorgeous cunt. A trip to the restroom would complete my Mile High dream of fucking a beautiful woman 6 miles high.

flag as inappropriateTxswingster    July 9, 2012

Very awesome body, would enjoy more from u, I got some for u of interested johndenson75@gmail.com

flag as inappropriateMajorhunter1    July 9, 2012

You are the sexiest woman I have ever seen....beautiful, hot and such an exhibitionist! I would love to run into you at the airport....or anywhere! MajorRW@msn.com

flag as inappropriateTri    July 8, 2012

Wow, would love to see more of that sexy body! Tribike1@hotmail.com

flag as inappropriateShack01    July 8, 2012

Lexo, you are what living in Europe is all about. Love you BABE!

flag as inappropriateTexx    July 7, 2012

Lexo you are amazing. Would love to see more of you. Please send. oneidaturtle@gmail.com.

flag as inappropriatetrymempb@hotmail.com    July 6, 2012

I'mso glad i found you again i tell all my friends about how hot you are,Keep it cumming!!!!

flag as inappropriateSocrates    July 5, 2012

careful. never know what is on those seats at an airport

flag as inappropriateJazzer 69    July 5, 2012

Ha ha, bet she set the metal detectors off with all that between her legs!!!

flag as inappropriateJohn    July 5, 2012

What a lovely woman. Great tits and suckable nipples. Amazing beauty. Love that ass and bald pussy. Thanks for sharing. Love to see more.


flag as inappropriateHorny Guy.    July 5, 2012

Gee Wzzzz Just Amazing. She can fly with me any day. Don't know how far we will get. So horny now must look again. Will love to see more. Keep it up Girl...robby.wheller@yahoo.com

flag as inappropriateFondango    July 4, 2012

Sempre la migliore Smakck............S.

flag as inappropriatemdandalero@yahoo.com    July 3, 2012

I would love to see the looks on everyone's face when she is on the back of my motorcycle as we ride the streets of Stamford, CT USA with her hand down my pants... Gutsy and beautiful exhibitionist... can't ask for better than that. Keep up the good work and please share more at mdandalero@yahoo.com

flag as inappropriateJohn    July 3, 2012

mmmmm LEXO you must cause so many men who see you at the airport and who see your pictures to get big stiff hard dicks.I know if I saw you i would be following you with a massive erection in my pants i would need to wank myself so hard

flag as inappropriatemagul    July 3, 2012

would love to see her naked in Romania :) magul2012@yahoo.com. My wife and I, just enjoy your pics...would be fun joining you in a fantasies :))

flag as inappropriateDensity    July 3, 2012

Awesome!!!!!! please send me more. Densityhi@aol.com

flag as inappropriatemodellenudo75    July 2, 2012

Ciao Lexo..
Sei sempre la meglio complimenti davvero il tuo corpo è da 10 e lode... E poi hai delle pose erotiche al punto giusto proprio come piacciono a me...
Complimenti davvero..
Ti lascio la mia email info@artphoto75.com


flag as inappropriateCochise    July 2, 2012

Our compliments for your fantastic exhib pics. Your big fans. cochisesalo@yahoo.co.uk

flag as inappropriateger    July 1, 2012

awesome as always

flag as inappropriatewileyfane@yahoo.com    July 1, 2012

Glad you're back!!! Luv your jewelry!

flag as inappropriatemaxihero    July 1, 2012

Minchia, dimmi qual'è il prossimo aereo che prendi!!!!!!!!!! sei il mio sogno di tutte le volte che vado in un aeroporto ora... mi guardo in giro, immagino di vederti e mi viene duro!
se vuoi, mandami qualcosa su supermaxihero@gmail.com

flag as inappropriateblack    July 1, 2012

just one workd PERFEC
PLS send me more pic,,,

flag as inappropriatepietro66@virgilio.it    June 30, 2012

eccoti sei sempre la migliore !
come stai ? ci risentiamo ancora ??
dai ti aspetto io ho ancora il tuo numero provero a chiamarti ciao spettacolo !!

flag as inappropriateuh huh    June 30, 2012

i would take u all over the world twice if u would dress like that all of the time!..............oh by the way we would fly first class not coach.

flag as inappropriateder-kleine1@gmx.de    June 29, 2012

lexo is back!! wow, what an awesome figure! you exactly look like my current girlfriend. I really do love your jewellery an these perfect breasts and smooth pussy. keep on posting, PLEASE!! kiss

flag as inappropriatems_italikus_976@yahoo.it    June 29, 2012

fantastic, spudorata, calda, sensuale immensa!!! scrivimi

flag as inappropriateskyking !    June 29, 2012

Cum fly with me !!!! Absolutely fantastic, One of the sexiest women I have ever seen. Wish she was mine....

flag as inappropriateHighfliercpl    June 29, 2012

Just love your bravado, and the unabashed way you exhibit yourself.
Made us both very horny looking at your pretty tits and pussy...
high fliers

flag as inappropriateSonoma    June 28, 2012

Now, this is one of the HOTTEST contris I've seen in a long time...what a daring, dazzling women. Loved each one of the pics. Thanks, S

flag as inappropriateJP    June 27, 2012

Wow...the onlw way to fly...jpip49@gmail.com

flag as inappropriatePJ and Dave    June 27, 2012

We have always enjoyed your pics, Lexo. In fact, we have tried some of our own all over the US and Europe. I THINK we pull it off, although not quite like you. We are a happily married couple and would love to exchange emails... birdandbabe2@gmail.com

flag as inappropriatevalya    June 27, 2012

I really wonder how you have passed the security with a lot of metals on you!.. Please let me know.
Very daring.. Has any body realised that you have no bra and panty.

flag as inappropriate007    June 26, 2012

WOW! I want to see those piercings up close! More please!

flag as inappropriatems911    June 26, 2012

Fantastic photos. Looking for more of this beautiful lady.

flag as inappropriatewallabie    June 26, 2012

As usual great quality shots from an a beautiful slut. Many Thanks.
Some pics will help.


flag as inappropriateMr.D    June 26, 2012

Beautiful body! I'd sure like to see you walking down my street.Can't wait to see more. dudleyjonesd@gmail.com

flag as inappropriateYOU ARE A PRO    June 26, 2012


flag as inappropriatehavro57@gmail.com    June 26, 2012

sei sempre un mito, non dimentico il set fatto a Vulcano !!

flag as inappropriatejohnm.    June 26, 2012

awesome. just awesome. daring and pretty at the same time. also must be a laid back airport getting past the metal detectors at security.
would love to see more....jhmayer77@yahoo.de

flag as inappropriatecabranex    June 25, 2012

hey nice shoots at barajas airport.I hope you were at Ibiza.Nice Nice!!!!

flag as inappropriatepike59@hotmail.co.nz    June 25, 2012

Fantastic and daring as always. Shame not RC member.
You and Vienna rule. Cheers for sharing, would have loved to been seat in front looking back between seats

flag as inappropriateAngel    June 25, 2012

Fantastic. Fly on my plane anytime. angelforyou1965@yahoo.com

flag as inappropriatefitcplbe@yahoo.com    June 25, 2012

amazing as always! So daring...how did you get past security?

flag as inappropriateeurogent    June 25, 2012

fantastic contribution ! very very hot! eurogent1000@yahoo.com

flag as inappropriateUK biker    June 25, 2012

Absolute perfection! Love the piercings, hope to see more cfta8@hotmail.com

flag as inappropriatecasanova    June 25, 2012

complimenti sei una figa spettacolare!!

flag as inappropriatemailman_0    June 25, 2012

Great set of pics...we need more ladies like u to fly..espon the Overseas flights...wondering did she set off the metal detectors when she went through security??

Charlie & Mila

flag as inappropriateBarnacle    June 25, 2012

Ballsy stuff! Super sexy bod! I love it!

flag as inappropriateDiane an exhibitionist    June 25, 2012

You ar fantastic i love see you

flag as inappropriatejudge    June 25, 2012

I would like to make her cream I mean scream for delight!!

flag as inappropriateBooker    June 25, 2012

Sorry--all that hardware is a turn off.

flag as inappropriateBeachcpl    June 25, 2012

Lexo the Queen.

flag as inappropriatematty    June 25, 2012

Excellent. Your my all time favorite. Love the piercings. Would love to here from you. bendoveracres@hotmail.com

flag as inappropriateDaemon    June 25, 2012

This is truly what Nude in Public is! A very hot lady showing it off in front of others. Very hot and very erotic. I would love to sit across from here sometime. Keep up the great work.


flag as inappropriateGreekguy    June 25, 2012

What a fine lady! Always great pics- situations !!! Fantastic natural full soft breasts! And those legs from them sexy hips and thighs to those wonderfull calves and pretty feet!!! Always wonderfull clothes and style, and the best coolest shoes from sandals to heels ! Just great!! androsgrk@msn.com

flag as inappropriatetetora@libero.it    June 25, 2012

fantastica come sempre!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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