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 Sarah In Her C-String

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flag as inappropriate CT2013    June 6, 2013

What I would do to you on that couch!!!

 370tripp    June 6, 2013

What would you do to me? I'm interested in hearing exactly what you have in mind for me.

flag as inappropriate CT2013    June 7, 2013

I would jump on top of you for several minutes kissing your lips eventually working my way down your neck for several more minutes. Then I would slowly make by way between your breasts before licking, biting, and sucking on your nipples for several more minutes. Then I would make my way down your stomach. After about a half hour of this foreplay, I'd spread your legs and go down on your already soaked pussy concentrating on your outer lips, penetrating you with my tongue, before finally licking your clit until you cum. I'm sure a finger would make its way inside you as well. If have you cumming in no time. You would probably squirting or gushing like my wife.

Are you a squirter?

How is that Sarah? Descriptive enough. I can gladly add more ;)

 370tripp    June 8, 2013

Your too much baby, licking is nice but I need a big hard cock to cum. Just the way I am.

flag as inappropriate CT2013    June 8, 2013

I would get to that...isn't great sex about wanting more and more.
I'd give that to your..LOL!

 370tripp    June 8, 2013

I hope you voted for me, you seem very interested in my body.

flag as inappropriate CT2013    June 8, 2013

Of course. I know a work of art when I see one Sarah.
I'm an art aficionado...LOL As long as women are the art...LOL!

flag as inappropriate ccreemy & Kristy    May 11, 2013

very hot! keep posting your inevitable conversion to insatiable exhibitionhist! I can tell by your comments you are going there...just like he took me there! I love showing and getting reactions..keeps me ..constantly moist!!

 370tripp    May 12, 2013

It's fun, I'm very turned on with all this attention. It really does have my pussy soaked. I play three or four times a day now.

flag as inappropriate ud    May 6, 2013

Photo 7 is really hot. You need to find someone you trust who is good with a camera. The photo quality does not do justice to a very sexy lady. Wish it were me that smile is for.

 370tripp    May 6, 2013

All these shots were taken with iPhones glad you like my smile. Hope you liked everything else to baby. This gets me so wet, I'm soaked right now typing this.

flag as inappropriate ud    May 6, 2013

You have all the physical attributes I seek in a woman. Lovely breasts, a sexy butt, a warm, inviting smile and if your description is accurate, a vagina that lubricates generously. I assume you have a favorite toy that reliably rings your bell. It would be really cool if you could fire that up and use the video function of your iPhone to record the sights and sounds of you enjoying pleasure. There is no sexier sight or sound than those of a woman experiencing sexual pleasure and achieving orgasm. I would love to see that. That would surely get me all "soaked" too.

flag as    May 6, 2013

You are truly the most beautiful lady on here! You are perfect, would love to cum on your face while your wearing your glasses baby...looking forward to more pics of your heavenly body!

 370tripp    May 6, 2013

Thanks honey, hope you voted for me. I'll keep the posts cumming, this is a little escape from reality for me. I love the attention it gets me so wet.

flag as inappropriate Thom    May 5, 2013

Wow make my dick hard when you get wet, think we can do something against this. I want kiss and lick you allover before we got to fuck till we both cum.
Kisses Thom.

 370tripp    May 6, 2013

Im glad i get you hard baby, why dont you show me that long cock of yours next to your favorite pic of me. that would make me as wet as I make you hard. I showed you mine now you show me yours next to me, ohh fuck yes baby do it.

flag as inappropriate9man    May 5, 2013

luv to see your wide open wet cunt, so I can imagine my wrist sized cock spreading you !

 370tripp    May 5, 2013

you have a wrist sized cock to stretch my pussy good huh? prove it to me by sending a pic of that beautiful hard cock next to your favorite pic of me. I showed you mine now you show me yours baby.

flag as inappropriatedwd    May 5, 2013

nice and hot. big tits and tight ass.. hey sent me some pics. showing her tits and hot juicy pussy lips up close and legs spread open...

 370tripp    May 5, 2013

I'm glad you liked the pics, don't forget to vote and the pics will get hotter.

flag as inappropriate Dick_Long    May 4, 2013

Sarah, loved your hot lovely photos. If I was your BF you would never never wear clothes around the house because you are to alluring and appealing to wear clothes. I'd also be naked all the time, chaseing you around the house with my big long thick hot cock and wanting to fuck all your 3 loves holes. GAWD we would have a good time together constantly fucking and sucking and licking one another. We would spend our days in constant orgasmic delight, pleasure, and happiness. After writing this msg Sarah I'm going to take my pants off and jerk off my now hard cock while looking at your lovely play tits and pretty ass. I'm cuming for you sarah .. I'm cuming for you Sarah ... LOL ..

 370tripp    May 5, 2013

Oh baby you write so beautifully, I want you to cum for me. Please take a pic of your hard cock next to your favorite pic of me and send it to me. that will make me so fucking wet. Let me see your cock while you do it baby.

 370tripp    May 5, 2013

Don't forget to vote for me baby, if I win there will be more to cum.

flag as inappropriate Dave    May 4, 2013

I like how she look with the C-String looks on, it is just enough to hide your sweet pussy. Wear in on a beach sometime.

 370tripp    May 5, 2013

I know you like how your wife looks in a c-string. How do you think I look in one? Please don't forget to vote. As the numbers rise the posts will get hotter. Thanks honey

flag as inappropriate Dave    May 4, 2013

My wife has one of those C string....

 370tripp    May 4, 2013

Does she like it? Did you like how I looked in it?

flag as inappropriate Javier    May 4, 2013

I.ll vote you. And my cock slide inside your wet pudsy till the end, be sure of this.
Only think in it and my cock grows under my pants.

flag as inappropriate susan    May 4, 2013

it is so beautiful to see an attractive girl smiling and being naughty with her man. i love posing for my husband and want him to enjoy what i can do for him and to him...giggle

 370tripp    May 4, 2013

Thanks Susan, you look like you would be fun to play with to. Want to be friends?

flag as inappropriatemancini    May 4, 2013

i lika dem legs!

 370tripp    May 4, 2013

Thanks I'm glad you like what you see. Don't forget to vote. More contris to cum.

flag as inappropriate    May 4, 2013


 370tripp    May 4, 2013

Thanks baby don't forget to vote

flag as inappropriateNick    May 4, 2013

Great body, great smile !
Sexy nude thighs and calves !
Her legs make my cock hard !

 370tripp    May 4, 2013

Thanks honey, don't forget to vote

flag as inappropriatewoody    May 4, 2013

sexy fun loving
going ball
a sexy handful

 370tripp    May 4, 2013

Thank you baby, don't forget to vote

flag as inappropriate Peedeevee22    May 4, 2013

Your hands touching me, stroking me, squeezing me in all the right places. My tongue licking you to pulsating wetness. My lips sucking your pussy lips. My fingers moving expertly into and out of your eager pussy. Your quick breathing ... your murmurs of lust. My driving deep into you ... fucking , fucking, fucking.

 370tripp    May 4, 2013

You made my pussy quiver with your comments. Thanks I love it when my pussy quivers. Don't forget to vote.

flag as inappropriate Javier    May 4, 2013

mmmm nice set love to see more of you sweetie

 370tripp    May 4, 2013

Thanks baby, vote for me and you will see more of me. I promise. Nice cock by the way, I wouldn't mind that deep in my wet pussy.

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